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Celebrate Mom Sustainably: 5 DIY Gifts with a Purpose for mom

Crafting Love for Mom: Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2024!

Celebrate Mother's Day 2024 by crafting heartfelt gifts that showcase your creativity and love for Mom. 
In this blog, we'll explore DIY gift ideas that not only make mom feel special but also support sustainable livelihoods around the globe.
On the first day of our workshop, we crafted beautiful bracelets and earrings using simple materials, steps, and techniques.
For bracelets, we threaded beads onto wire, tailored to different age groups, and secured them with knots and fire. Earrings were made by threading beads onto a stem and attaching hooks. Follow these steps to create unique jewellery pieces Mom will adore:
1. Choose beads and wire according to desired design.
2. Thread beads onto wire and tie knots to secure.
3. Use fire to ensure knots are firmly in place.
4. For earrings, attach hooks to the stem after threading beads.
Step 1- Take 25cm elastic wire.
Step 2- Add beads.
Step 3- Tie the two ends with 3 – 4 knots.
Step 1- Insert the wire.
Step 2- Join both the ends.
Step 3- Twist the wire at the end.
Step 4- Add the beads.
Step 5- Form a loop and close it.
Step 6- Attach earring hooks.
Step 7- Add charms.
On the day 2, we brought more creativity with keychains and anklets. Keychains were adorned with tassels and personalized with joyful words, while anklets featured small beads and an evil eye charm for an extraordinary touch. Here's how to make these charming accessories:
1. Thread wire through the tassel and tie knots to secure.
2. Add chosen alphabets to spell out a word and secure with additional knots.
3. Attach a small hoop to the keychain's hoop.
4. For anklets, thread beads onto wire, add an evil eye charm, and attach a hook to complete.
Step 1- Take the keychain ring.
Step 2- Also take a elastic wire.
Step 3- Add beads.
Step 4- Tie one end to the keychain ring with 2 – 3 knots.
Step 5- Add tassels at the other end.
Step 1- Take 25cm of elastic wire.
Step 2- Tie one end to a jump ring.
Step 3- Add beads.
Step 4- Tie the other end with a jump ring.
Step 5- Attach the jump ring to a chain clip hook on one side.
This Mother's Day, go beyond store-bought gifts and show Mom your love with handmade creations that reflect her unique style. By crafting these gifts, you not only make her day special but also support sustainable livelihoods and communities worldwide. Let your creativity shine and make this Mother's Day unforgettable for Mom!

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