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Our organization: M/S. Thalir-LEED is an organization, with registrations under the MSME, GST and Trade Marks Act.

MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise) registration under Government of India (Reg no: UDYAM-TN-02-0013542), GST (Goods & Service Tax) registration (Reg no: 33AAQF), Trade Mark Registration (Reg nos. 5158360 and 5158358) under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 (kindly check below for the image).

It is established to assist our trained artisans to express their creativity through weaving, stitching, and earning a living. It is a women's Self-Help Group (SHG) founded by 'The New LEED' Trust to help and train women in Perungudi and Thiruvalluvar Nagar slums in Chennai, India.

Meet our artisans

Thalir-LEED is about connecting with skilled artisans who have been trained by "The New LEED", an NGO(Non-Govt Organization) for their continuous efforts in operating programs & initiatives in Chennai's slum neighbourhoods.It is defined by the untold stories of the people we interact with and work with over the course of 30 years in Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Our target is particularly women who suffers immensely, single deprived TB affected mothers, & the struggling widows who are sole bread-earners, & differently abled. We value their exquisite craftsmanship & work hard to provide with the best handwoven products & other details. Their unseen experiences & dedication serve as sources of motivation for us.

Currently, we are making plastic wired baskets in different patterns, colours, and models. These products are made by women artisans from the slum areas, a depending on the complexity of the pattern, each basket can take up to 22-24 hours to complete. These wires are made of 100% recyclable LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plastic which is strong, eco friendly and long-lasting. These colourful and vibrant baskets come in all shapes and sizes. Soon, we are planning & will get more handicrafts products made by our local artisans.

The role of 'Thalir-LEED': 

Thalir-LEED offers long-term solutions to single parents with family issues, particularly widows, abandoned mothers, physically challenged women, and suffering women. It gives underprivileged women a sustainable livelihood through art, allowing them to earn a decent living by using their skills in the creation of creative products. Their lives are becoming intertwined. It encourages trained women to put their capabilities to be used in order to earn money and become self-sufficient. It helps the impoverished residents of Perungudi, one of Chennai's overcrowded slums, to regain their footing and provide for their families.

The role of 'The New LEED', NGO:(30+yrs)

For more than thirty years, 'The New LEED' trust has been working for these impoverished women, primarily in and around Chennai. This Non-Governmental Organization understands the needs of slum dwellers, particularly single mothers, and provides skill training through SDP (Skill Development Program) and doing their best to the community of 25,000 families. Thalir-LEED is to help these trained women to achieve financial independence and life goals so that their families can survive. Read More

Thalir-LEED, Makers of handicrafts:

Thalir LEED is a maker of elegantly handmade crafts, bags, and baskets with passion and love by our talented artisan. They can be personalized in any colours, size, and model to meet your needs and budget. You can order your own requirements by calling or emailing us. It is available in small, medium, large, extra-large, and more than that. We engage in wholesale and retail trading at competitive prices. As a gift, we can make any model. We pour our hearts, time, and love into each handmade creation. We will not compromise on quality of wires and designs. We exclusively utilise materials that are 100% environmentally friendly since we are adamant that we can affect change. Also, we encourage you to get involved in the sustainable movement to save the planet.

Wire Designs at Thalir-LEED:

We make different designs like plain  otr normal design, biscuit-knot, Sivankann, cross-knot, arkonam, vengai-knot, flower basket, amla-knot, beads, wheat knots, tube wire, archana etc. We make it in plastic colours, glass colour wires, and disco-colour wires. 

Types of Baskets/wire bags:

We are into different bags like bike baskets, hanging/hand bags, grocery or shopping baskets, table-top or fruit baskets, or pooja basket, laptop bag, home utility or organizers, school, office baskets, picnic baskets or bottle bags, shoppers bags or picnic baskets, sling bags, purse, tote bags, balloon baskets, or any return gift bags can be customized into any size, colour and budget, colour. Also it  can be mixed with combination of beads and designs.

Additionally, we make it with/without lining cloth or cool rexine handles or leather handles and also rexine material lining inside. We are happy to make any model for the satisfaction of customers. We value them as they are helping our artisans dream.

Uses of Baskets:

Our multipurpose baskets can be used for a bunch of uses, including groceries, storage, travel, and home utility. They are eco-friendly, strong, washable, long-lasting, durable, reusable, and washable, with a minimum lifespan of ten years. Sizes, colours, designs, and shapes/models can all be customized. They are made of the finest quality.

Volunteers can help us:

Volunteering, teaching any skills, boasting, encouraging, promoting, and spending quality time with them by teaching any handcrafted items for sustainable living. Also, you can help us by purchasing/selling our products on any of your platforms.

You, the Customer, are the one who pays for our friendships, stories, and magic. You are essentially supporting our artisan's dream when you buy our product and support us. Ultimately, we are helping them to live a life of dignity. 

We will be preserved indefinitely because the products have a long-life span. We push our artisans to every limit and deadline in order to bring you joy. You are assisting our struggling mothers in pursuing their dreams and following their passion. You are welcome to contribute extra if you wish, as it is for less-fortunate families.

Also, you are always welcome to visit any day between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday to Saturday. Please, feel free to call us and fix any day. Even our Bharathiar University, Loyola College and Stella Maris college students volunteer with us for their regular interns. Also there are many ways you can help us. To know more call: +91 9962012074/9840029773

The New LEED office: serving since 30yrs +

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