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Thalir-LEED was founded by Ms. Siraj Khan and Mr. Elijah John Mathew to provide a long-term solution for single parents with family problems, particularly widows, deserted mothers, physically challenged women, and sick women. The goal is to provide these slum women with a sustainable source of income through creativity.

The partnership company has been in operation since the beginning of 2020. They help women find alternative sources of income, allowing them to break free from the cyclical poverty trap into which they were born.

The NGO 'The New LEED' recognises the needs of slum dwellers and trains them through SDP (Skill Development Program). Thalir-LEED encourages these trained professionals to use their skills to create, sell, and earn money, guiding them to self-sufficiency and providing for their families.

Thalir-LEED is for those dynamic hearts in a woman's body who fulfil their aspiration of a better life by acquiring skills and attempting to reach their maximum potential through learning, just as the book can offer wings for young brains to reach their desires through education.

Our artisans love weaving, which they have been doing for more than 30 years with the trust. Today, we have a large selection of traditional baskets that would suit everyone's demands and budget thanks to our talented artisans. Thalir -LEED take the utmost care when choosing our talented artisans from less fortunate backgrounds to create these lovely and distinctive pieces of handcraft. We are aware that there is always space for improvement, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please email us at or use the "Contact Form" page to leave your reviews.

About Elijah: As a committed painter, I want to empower my community's underprivileged people by using my art for good. Helping them offers single mothers find a solution. I've always wanted to donate the proceeds from the sale of my artwork. Being an artist, social entrepreneur, and I want to develop this NGO - "The New LEED" and SHG- "Thalir-LEED". It would be in the best interests of preserving the spirit and character of kids to concentrate on the growth of priceless kids at the appropriate age by giving and molding them through training after school by offering extra coaching in things like computers, karate, storytelling, arts and crafts, etc.

We are looking to serve more families and children and expand the number of artists who like to participate and teach. We have a reason to smile and to experience compassion and outreach from their community.

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