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  • 'My greatest satisfaction will be in witnessing how Thalir-LEED, in its own modest way, helps & make everyone's life more beautiful and artistic and how young women's entrepreneurship and creative awareness for that spirit of the beautiful have a strong place'...Siraj @ThalirLEED
  • Vocational Training Unit/Skills Development Training: The development of skills canĀ contribute to structural transformation and economic growth by enhancing employability and labour productivity and helping countries to become more competitive. We are into a few of the trainings:
1. Basket weaving
2. TailoringĀ 
3. Computer TrainingĀ 
4. Door Mat weaving out of waste
5. Soap MakingĀ 
6. Crochet Training
7. Liquid detergent makingĀ 
8. Candle making
9. Bag making & File-making
10. Folder-making
11. Beads Jewellery MakingĀ 


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