Join us at Thalir-LEED® and support craftsmanship, sustainability, & a brighter future. Enable our talented single mum artisans by contributing to the cause and having a big impact on their lives. They receive a stable income and an opportunity to thrive with every purchase.


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M/S. Thalir-LEED®, an organization, with registrations under the MSME, GST & Trademarks Act.


It is a women's SHG initiated by 'The New LEED, Trust', Non-Profit Organisation.

Thalir-LEED®, a Self-Help Group with MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise) registrations under the Govt of India (Reg no: UDYAM-TN-02-0013542), GST (Goods & Service Tax) registration (Reg no: 33AAQF), Trade Mark Registration (Reg nos. 5158360 and 5158358) under the Trademarks Act, 1999. It is established to assist our trained artisans to express their creativity through weaving and stitching.

It is SHG founded by 'The New LEED, trust' to help and train women of Perungudi slums in Chennai, India focusing more on single mothers who suffers immensely, single deprived TB affected mothers, half-way home, mute girls, the struggling widows, sole bread-earners, differently abled etc.,(25,000 slum families)..
We are making plastic wired baskets in different patterns, colours, and models. These products are made by women artisans from the slum areas, a depending on the complexity of the pattern, each basket can take up to 22-24 hours to complete. These wires are made of 100% recyclable LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plastic which is strong, eco friendly and long-lasting. These colourful and vibrant baskets come in all shapes and sizes.

Currently, we are doing clothing bags kurtis, paintings, resin & beads jewellery, home decors, etc., We are planning more handicrafts products made by our skilled struggling women artisans.

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Discover an exquisite collection of ethical & sustainable wirebags, cloth bags,Kurtis, complete variety of customized options to empower, uplift artisans.


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